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Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Individuals battling substance use disorders have the luxury of finding inpatient treatment centers that offer innovative practices. Art therapy, music therapy, animal therapy, holistic treatments, and adventure therapy can all impact someone’s motivation and feelings of safety while healing core wounds. Discover what creative but powerfully transforming practices are available to you.

  • It has many benefits, including providing an outlet for self-expression and helping with personal discovery.
  • Furthermore, Doak (2003) finds that adolescents, in particular, use music and drugs for similar objectives (e.g. reduce psychological distress), suggesting particular utility for music therapy in adolescent populations.
  • Art therapy also helps people feel empowered by controlling their emotions, trauma, and negative thoughts.
  • With the support of the art therapist, clients can identify previously unrecognized feelings and themes that show up in their artwork and then process them in a creative and nonjudgmental environment.
  • As alone as you may feel, there are many people out there who are dealing with the exact same issues and are finding their path to healing every day.

The participants will put together inspirational words or phrases that they feel define their core values. Glue the phrases onto the cardboard to create a collage of positive, self-healing words. Our Health First Indiana program is the nation’s most substantial new commitment to public health and will further empower Indiana counties to create tailored actions,” Gov. Holcomb said. “Consul General Yanagi, our hearts are with your people and our friends affected by the recent tragedies in Japan.

How Can Art Therapy Help Treat SUDs?

The activity starts with a guided meditation, where participants close their eyes and clear their minds. The activity leader explains the feeling of isolation or overwhelmingness and how light can be a guide back to feelings of hope. The lighthouse activity has participants visualize being lost at sea and using the idea of a lighthouse as a point of guidance. This project is ideal for individuals who may feel lost, overwhelmed, and even isolated. The lighthouse activity is designed to give participants hope for their future. With thank you cards, participants can also paint, draw, or even craft their cards to put a more personal touch on them.

If you are interested in trying art therapy, make sure you find an art therapist with the appropriate education and experience. You can find an art therapist through the American Art Therapy Association’s Art Therapist Locator. Art therapy in recovery is not limited to any age group or socioeconomic class.

Watercolor Your Emotions

Martin’s team recently invited probation staff and community health providers in Rhode Island to collaborate to identify gaps in care. They recognized that courts often do not mandate substance use treatment to reduce the number of restrictive conditions for probation. As a result, individuals misusing opioids were not accessing the care they needed. Now, probation workers in Rhode Island are screening individuals for opioid use at the outset of parole or probation. The community treatment providers are also communicating openly with probation officers when patients are struggling with opioid misuse. “If someone is going through a rough time, the probation officer can meet with the individual more often to provide referrals or other forms of support,” Martin said.

art therapy ideas for drug addiction

You can notice your creative output evolve as you reconnect with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Art therapy can have a beneficial, transformative, even revelatory art therapy for addiction effect on patients seeking help for behavioral health concerns. Try incorporating some of these concepts into your own practice to see the good and healing it can bring.

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